VICTOR Profile: Rachel

Victors: Conquerors of the Bulls and Bears

by Edwin | February 14th, 2013


Rachel is a student at Stuyvesant High School and has rallied to take a late lead in the Victor's Virtual Investing Challenge. Read more about Rachel and her financial strategy in this month's VICTOR Profile.

 I became interested in investing a long time ago. I remember seeing the effect of investment in people’s lives in many movies. Investing was usually depicted as risky and dangerous because the stock market is just so volatile, and in those movies many people lost everything because of the stock market. I consider investing a challenging task, and I believe that I can make smart decisions. 

Describe your personal investing philosophy.

At the very beginning, I just chose those stocks that I like or those that had dropped tremendously and were showing signs of rising. Then I learned many ways to research stocks in this class, and I applied some of them. Now I generally do some research before investing and keep track of the current economic situation.

How do you know if a stock is for you?

Once I know enough information about a stock and feel that it has a great chance of profiting, I would invest in it.

How do you know when to sell?

I learned to be patient with stocks. I would not sell a stock immediately after it has dropped because I understand that the stock market is volatile. I would definitely sell a stock if my researches show that it will go bad.

How do you feel this investing class has helped you?

This investing class has helped me a lot. Before this, I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market. This class taught me the basic knowledge and I am able to understand all those numbers. Not only that, it also taught me how to do researches effectively, and I became more aware of the things happening around me.