Global Trade


Export/Import businesses need information about foreign markets, country-specific data, business contacts, international trade regulations and statistics. Below is a highly selective list of print and electronic resources that can help you find what you need to know.

Internet Links
Commercial News USA
America's official export promotion magazine.
The U.S. Government’s comprehensive export portal. Learn how to export in the "Export Basics" section and register to access market research and trade leads.
Federation of International Trade Associations
The Federation of International Trade Associations, founded in 1984, is affiliated with 450 independent international associations. Trade leads, business directories, international taxation, commodity codes, direct and indirect investment and customs brokers are all searchable and browsable in the FITA website.
Harmonized Tariff Schedule of The United States
This page contains the most up to date tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the United States. Published by the USITC (Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements.)
Import and Export Price Indexes (MPI and XPI)
The International Price Program of the Bureau of Labor Statistics produces this data on changes in the prices of nonmilitary goods and services traded between the U.S. and the rest of the world.
New York City Division for International Business
This division assists in coordinating all services that help firms do business in New York, including interaction with all city, state and federal agencies. The services provided include aid in accessing appropriate sources of finance, real estate providers, construction companies, and insurance entities. It will also provide referrals for determining immigration, customs, visas and other requirements for you and your employees.
New York City Division of International Business International Business Directory
Search for a particular company located within the five boroughs by name, county or industry. This listing of 2,800 foreign-owned businesses includes contact information, number of employees and the number of locations that each business has in New York City.
U.S. International Trade Administration
The mission of the U.S. International Trade Administration is to strengthen the competitiveness of U.S. industry in world markets, promote global trade and investment, and ensure fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements.
USA Trade Online
Official source for U.S. export and import trade statistics from the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau. Access U.S. data for 18,000 export commodities and 24,000 import commodities. (Available only in the Business Library.)

Articles & Databases
*E-resource search terms
Try the following search terms in ABI Inform and Business Source Premier: "international communication" or "export-import financing"
Full text business articles from magazines and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal
Full text articles and abstracts of the New York Times from 1980 to current.

Print Resources
Building an Import/Export Business
Guide for entrepreneurs to targeting a market, choosing a product, and managing trade finance. Part of Small Business Information Center Collection.
Directory of United States Exporters
Journal of Commerce, Inc
Describes U.S. exporters and the products they export. The primary company listing is geographic by state while products are listed by Harmonized Commodity Codes. There are also alphabetical company and product indexes.
Directory of United States Importers
Commonwealth Business Media
A list of U.S. importers and the products they import. The main company listing is geographic by state while products are listed by Harmonized Commodity Codes. There are also alphabetical company and product indexes.
Export/Import Procedures and Documentation.
Johnson, Thomas E.
Describes itself as "a comprehensive answer book" supplying ready-to-use forms and expert advice on every conceivable global commerce topic.
Exporters' Encyclopaedia
Dun and Bradstreet International
Comprehensive manual covering export documentation, markets, international transportation and communications, and information sources.
International Trade Reporter Export Reference Manual (3v)
Alphabetical survey country-by-country of market information and foreign trade regulations.
International Trade Reporter Import Reference Manual (2v)
Alphabetical survey country-by-country of market information and foreign trade regulations.
Mastering Import and Export Management
Cook, Thomas A.
An essential resource for global trade executives and supply chain managers, this volume updates the latest post-2001 security and compliance requirements.
Trade services directory & guide
Primedia Directories
Covers ports of entry & U.S. import regulations, U.S. harmonized tariff schedule, U.S. export regulations, country trade sourcebook.
Ultimate Guide to Export Management
Cook, Thomas A.
Comprehensive information for exporters, highlighting export documentation, logistics, international customer service, trade finance and risk management.

Q: What is the largest or fastest growing market for my product in a particular country/region and what is the market growth outlook?

A: Globus & NTDB, accessible via STAT-USA, offer unique, current, and detailed marketing information for many industries and virtually all countries.

Q: Where can I find Export/Import statistics for my product or service? How much is exported from the U.S. or imported to the U.S.?

A: Take a look at TradeStats Express ( for the latest merchandise trade figures at the national and state level in maps, graphs, and tables.

Q: How can I identify potential buyers, and what marketing strategies will be most effective in reaching them?

A: Trade shows and international directories are key sources for learning about potential markets. Checkout Trade Shows Worldwide (in our Directory Collection) or online at; trade leads can be researched in the Trade Opportunity Leads section of GLOBUS & NTDB (see above).