Selecting the Right Investments


Use these resources to make sound choices when investing your money and planning your financial goals.

Internet Links
Alliance for Investor Education (AIE) Highlights
11 best resources for investors. The collection of top resources -- “Investment Fraud and Abuse: What You Need to Know" –- is available at AIE is a 20-member organization of the United States’ leading financial-related trade associations and governmental organizations.
America Saves
It provides savings tips, strategies, and resources to help build personal wealth.
Charles Schwab
Whatever your level of experience, you can get invested quickly and wisely. Charles Schwab explains investing basics and will help you to find the right investments to pursue your goals.
Get Rich Slowly
Get Rich Slowly — recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's investor education website.
NPR’s Planet Money
This blog discusses the current financial situation around the globe. Planet Money also has a podcast you can subscribe to.
Smart About Money
This website created by the Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) provides important information about financial planning, credit, debt, saving, investing and retirement. Also check out
SmartMoney comes to you from the editors of the Wall Street Journal. It’s BUILD YOUR LIFE PLAN: Get control of your finances with the smart interactive planner will help you to receive personalized, comprehensive strategies in the four pillars of financial planning: saving and investing, real estate, healthcare and legacy building.

Articles & Databases
Search for either obsolete or existing stocks using a CUSIP number, a stock symbol or the name of the company. (Available at the Business Library)
This is the National Association of U.S. Investment Companies. Here you can get statistical data on retirement plans and investors in the investment company industry as well as news releases and information on the fund industry (closed-end funds, mutual funds, ETFs etc.). (Available only in the Business Library)
This resource will help with your investment decisions. It offers up-to-date independent analysts' opinions and in-depth data on thousands of stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. In addition, it provides the same concise reports that are found in the print version of Morningstar Mutual Funds. (Available only in the Business Library)
The most respected evaluative resource for investors interested in mutual funds. (Available only at the Business Library)
Provides investment advice and information gleaned from interviews with CEOs and analysts who offer comments on specific equities, specific industries, finance and investing. (Available only at the Business library)

Library Materials
Common Sense on Mutual Funds
Bogle, John C.
Mutual fund industry legend John C. Bogle help investors navigate their way through the staggering array of investment options.
How to Invest $50-$5,000: The Small Investor's Step-by-Step Plan for Low-Risk Investing in Today's Economy
Dunnan, Nancy
Indispensable handbook for small investors -- from selecting a bank to choosing specific investments to making sense of financial pages.
Index Investing for Dummies
Wild, Russell
Explains how to use index investments to build a well-diversified, low-cost portfolio.
Little Book of Main Street Money
Clements, Jonathan
Timeless wisdom on the principles of investing.
Money offers a wide range of investment and money management advice. It also provides investment strategies for building wealth, remodeling and refinancing homes, and life insurance. This magazine is available at the Business and Central libraries and many branches.
Reviews and analyzes financial trends, and helps you make informed decisions about mutual funds. Available at the Business Library.
Morningstar Mutual Funds
Morningstar provides comprehensive analysis opinions for over 1,800 stocks and 2,000 mutual funds. It also provides data reports for over 20,000.
Personal Finance
A newsletter available in print at the Business Library. This twice-monthly newsletter includes general market commentary and recommends individual stocks for growth and income. It gives current “buy” “hold” or “sell” suggestions.
Safe Money in Tough Times
Pond, Jonathan D.
Advice on ways to minimize the effects of the financial crisis on one's finances.


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