Courageous Kids


Who knows what the New Year will bring? If you're a courageous kid you can face anything! Check out these books and websites to find out more about bravery and courageous kids like you.

Internet Links
Braille Bug
Not only is there great information about Helen Keller and Louis Braille (two courageous kids) but there are some fun games to help you read Braille. Check this site out and find out the story behind those little raised dots you see (or feel) everywhere.
Kids Are Heroes - Become a Hero
Do you have what it takes to be a hero? You bet you do! There are lots of better ways of being a hero than being bitten by a radioactive spider.
Math Games @ Hooda Math
If doing math when you don't have to isn't courageous I don't know what is! This site makes it easy and fun through some really cool games.
NASA's Kids Club
Astronauts have to be courageous so why not see if you've got the right stuff. Check out this site with fun games for all skill levels.
National Geographic Kids
You've got to be brave to explore the world. With games, jokes and ways for you to make a difference this site makes it easier and a whole lot cheaper!
ZOOM home on PBS Kids
ZOOM shows you all the great things you can do as a kid to help the world and people around you, and have lots of fun at the same time of course.
Articles & Databases
This database is so great that I am just going to ask that you click on the People and Places category and read or watch some great stories about people who were courageous in many different ways, as well as at least one story about a courageous kid.
Print Resources
All by herself : 14 girls who made a difference
poems by Ann Whitford Paul ; illustrated by Michael Steirnagle
Do you get to be famous if you're courageous? Reading this book you find that sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. This book is full of short poems about brave girls, some of whom grew up to be famous like Pocahontas and some didn't like Ida Lewis (Who's that? Read the book and find out).
Kid blink beats the world
Don Brown
If you are brave enough to answer to names like Kid Blink or Crazy Arborn you are sure to be brave enough to fight some of the most powerful men in New York over a penny. When the newspapers raised the price, newsboys and newsgirls had to buy their papers for a penny and these brave children put their foot down and said "No!" to some of the most powerful men in the USA.
My brother Martin : a sister remembers growing up with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
by Christine King Farris ; illustrated by Chris Soentpiet
Lots of courageous adults were courageous kids when they were younger, but they were still kids and they still would get in trouble sometimes. This book gives you a look at what Dr. King was like when he was a boy called M.L.
My rotten life
David Lubar
Do you have to be alive to be courageous? After you read this funny book you might not be so sure. But you also might not be sure if Nathan Abercrombie is alive or not. Dead, alive or in between he's definitely courageous, he's also pretty gross too if that sounds more interesting than courageous.
Nate the great and the snowy trail
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat ; illustrated by Marc Simont
Nate the great is courageous because he is a detective. This time his courage gets him to face the ice and cold to find his missing present when he doesn't even know what the present is. If you've never read a Nate the Great book before you should be courageous and read one, they are really great!
One crazy summer
by Rita Williams-Garcia
Delphine and her sisters Vonetta and Fern are leaving Brooklyn to visit their mother in Oakland, who up and walked out on them 7 years ago. There are all kinds of courage in this book, every day courage like sticking up for your sister and unusual courage like asking your crazy mother (who might not be as crazy as you thought) why she left you and your sisters.
Ruby Lu, brave and true
Lenore Look ; illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf
Ruby is brave it says so right in the title. And if that's not good enough she drives herself to Chinese school one morning and parks in the principal's parking space; if that's not brave I don't know what is.
Scaredy squirrel
by Mélanie Watt
There are lots of things to worry about when you're a squirrel, like killer bees and green Martians. Scaredy Squirrel is scared of course but he finds that there's less to be scared of than he thought.
Through my eyes
Ruby Bridges ; articles and interviews compiled and edited by Margo Lundell
A little over 50 years ago Ruby Bridges started at a new school and had to be escorted by the police because she was black. This book provides many different views of the brave 1st grade girl from New Orleans who helped to end segregation.