Do You Want to be President?


BPL - KidZone Explore-a-Topic: Do You Want to be President? - a black kid with his right hand in a V-for-victory gesture and USA flag behind him.Have you ever thought about being president of the United States? What do you need to do to become president? The answers are in the books and websites listed here. Take the presidential survey too!


Kids for President
This is the “Kids for President” section of the PBS Kids website. Kids all across America were asked: What would you do if you were president? What qualities would make a good president? Found out how they answered those questions.

If You Were President
Play the game “If you were president, how would you run the country?” to find out about some of the important decisions you would have to make every day if you were president.

Congress for Kids
This is a great site if you want to learn all about the United States government and how it works, from the Executive Branch to the Legislative Branch to the Judicial Branch to elections.

The Road to the Capitol
Play “The Road to the Capitol” game, where you’ll get a chance to run for Congress against a ruthless, mean, wealthy opponent, by proving to the voters that you are the most qualified candidate. If you do decide to run for president someday, it would be a good idea to run for Congress first to get some good experience in government.

Election 2012: Where Things Stand
Join Scholastic News and follow the 2012 election.

U.S. President Games
The “Learning Games for Kids” website has lots and lots of interesting games on different subjects. There are 42 games in the “U. S. President” section, including matching presidents with the right vice-presidents, and with the right First Ladies (presidents’ wives), plus presidents’ nicknames and inaugurations (inauguration is when the newly-elected president is sworn in and begins his new job). United States government created this website for kids that tells you everything you need to know about our government, including "Ben's (that would be Ben Franklin) Guide to U. S. Government", and a section explaining the difference between State governments and the National Government (New York's Governor Cuomo is the head of our State government), and a special offer for a free poster "How to Become President of the United States."

Database Question:

What is the Electoral College? And why does every presidential election winner still need the Electoral College to say OK or else they won’t actually become president of the United States? Find the answer in Encyclopedia Britannica Online for Kids. Use the key word "electoral college."


Duck for President
Doreen Cronin/ Illustrated by Betsy Lewin
When Duck gets tired of working for Farmer Brown, his political ambition eventually leads to his being elected President.

Grace for President
Kelly DiPucchio; pictures by LeUyen Pham
Grace campaigns for president of her grade, but when her competition seems to have the support of all the male voters, she must use all her campaigning skills to win them over by showing that she is the best person for the job.

President Pennybaker
Kate Feiffer; illustrated by Diane Goode
Tired of the unfairness of life, young Luke Pennybaker decides to run for president, with his dog Lily as his running mate.

As if being 12 3/4 isn't bad enough, my mother is running for president!
Donna Gephart
Preparing for spelling bees, having a secret admirer, and waiting for her chest size to catch up with her enormous feet are pressure enough, but twelve-year-old Vanessa must also deal with loneliness and very real fears as her mother, Florida's Governor, runs for President of the United States.

The kid who became President
Dan Gutman
Judson Moon, age thirteen, is sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2001.

Madam President
Lane Smith
A little girl imagines what her day would be like if she were President of the United States.

Dodger for President
Jordan Sonnenblick
When Dodger, the big blue chimpanzee genie, magically portrays fifth-grader Willie one day at school, Willie finds himself running for student council president.

If I ran for president
Catherine Stier ; illustrated by Lynne Avril
J 324.709 S
Discusses the presidential election process.