Get Moving


Get Ready? Get Set! Let's Go!! Let's exercise and have some fun!

On this site you'll find good books to read and websites to check out that can motivate you to have fun and "Get Moving!"

Internet Links
This site is for lovers of baseball! Videos provide coaching instructions for baseball techniques, drills and warm ups. Learn baseball techniques for pitching, batting, catching, base running and more. Play online baseball games and click links to learn more information about baseball and famous baseball players.
KidsHealth for Kids-It's Time to Play
It is time to play and exercise with friends or even alone! Get Fit! Have Fun!
This site is for lovers of running! Join your own running program, eat healthy, and become fit! Receive advice on training, investigate biographies of famous runners, locate a list of upcoming races and runs, and examine links to addtional running websites. Download free running bookmarks and a list of books on the subject of running.
This site is for lovers of sports! This website has sports tips and instructional videos for sports like skateboarding, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, cheerleading, golf, gymnastics, hockey, softball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and more.
Special Olympics Website
Special Olympics provide year-long sports training and athletic competitions to one million people with intellectual disabilities. Read newspaper articles and biographies of athletes. Locate a local chapter, make a donation, or volunteer.
Articles & Databases
If you need a dictionary, an encyclopedia, an atlas, timelines or just information, this site contains everything you'll ever need for homework help. For example, type Wilma Rudolph, the world's fastest woman, into "Search" and find out more about Wilma Rudolph. When Wilma was a child what disease did she have that made her unable to walk without a brace or a special shoe? How many gold medals in the 1960 Olympics did Wilma win? What three events did Wilma set world records in running? Click the Images and Media link and see photographs of Wilma running. What other information can you find on Wilma Rudolph?
Print Resources
And nobody got hurt 2 : the world's weirdest, wackiest most amazing true sports stories
Len Berman ; illustrated by Kent Gamble
A trivia book chock full of true bloopers and bazaar happenings organized by sports. Sports include football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and a catch-all at the end.
Good sports : rhymes about running, jumping, throwing, and more
Jack Prelutsky ; illustrations by Chris Raschka
A collection of poems are written about different sports including karate, skating, basketball, football and more. The poems emphasize team work and the joy of sports.
Karate for kids
J. Allen Queen
Watercolor-and-ink line drawings show children demonstrating different karate stances. Learn the history of karate, structure of a class, karate stances and safety tips.
Science projects about the physics of sports
Robert Gardner
Science projects and experiments related to sports. Topics discussed are speed, Newton's Laws, force and motion, gravity, fiction, and collisions.
The busy body book : a kid's guide to fitness
Lizzy Rockwell
A guide to physical fitness complete with colorful illustrations. A variety of sports are interwoven throughout the book. The benefits of exercise and the major systems of the body with diagrams are discussed.
The captain contest
Matt Christopher ; illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos
Two friends sign up for a summer soccer league. They discover there is a contest to name and design logos for the team. The winners will be named the team captain. Dewey who loves to draw wants to enter the soccer team logo contest, but he does not want to win the grand prize--being soccer team captain. Read other sport books by Matt Christoper.
The monster health book : a guide to eating healthy, being active, & feeling great for monsters & kids!
Edward Miller
A friendly green monster is determined to make healthy choices. Basic information is presented about food, exercise, drugs, self esteem and health. This is a lively book with silly jokes inserted everywhere. A list of Web sites is included.
You're a good sport, Miss Malarkey
Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley
The children on the soccer team love their soccer coach, Miss Malarkey, who just wants to have fun. The parents and school officials have other ideas. Read other titles in this series.