Young black hair girl with digusted expression

Do you like to feel disgusted? Do you like to make others feel disgusted? Look no more!! Here at Kidzone you will find all kinds of useful (and NOT so useful) information on all things disgusting, repulsive, and revolting. You'll find out about websites and books that will totally gross you out.

So, enjoy with your friends, and remember--you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, can't pick your friend's nose!!!



Grossology, logoInside Grossology
See gross recipes for the lab--learn how to make fake wounds, blood, and snot. You can also see how owls make their droppings. Deeeelicious!!!

 Fun Science and technology for KidsScience Kids: Fun Science and Technology for Kids
Snot is important to our body--and now you can make it yourself and gross out your friends!!!!

Kids WorldKidzworld
Learn the science of scabs and farts, as well as all the ins and outs of burping. Watch out for those SBDs!!!!

Science Channel, logoThe Science Channel
Learn how larvae survive, and how termite queens lay eggs. Don't miss how Indian moths smell their mate from six miles away!!

Yahoo Voices
Check out these "gross facts you may have never wanted to know," such as how much rodent hair and insects segments are in peanut butter, how often houseflies go to the bathroom on your food, and what you also inhale when you smell a sweet rose.

A male clownfish will change into a female if the queen fish dies!!! The slow loris licks its young with poison to protect it from predators!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!



Which classification of animal "lives a double life"--part of its life on land, part in water, has frogs, toad, salamanders and newts as its members, are incredibly slimy, slippery, gooey, and warty, AND in addition, are eaten as a delicacy in Europe? Use this database to find out the tasty answer!!! YUM!!


I Stink book cover I Stink!
by Kate and Jim McMullan
Pee-eeww!! This little garbage truck gives off quite a scent!! See what he eats to get that way!!


I'm Dirty book coverI'm Dirty!
by Kate and Jim McMullan
Boy, does someone need a bath!!!! Check out this old little backhoe loader. Where's the soap?


Walter the Farting Dog book coverWalter the Farting Dog
by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray ; illustrated by Audrey Colman
Who cut the cheese? Find out in this hilarious and flatulent book!!


How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food book coverHow Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Mark Teague
Does a dinosaur stick beans up his nose? Does he spit out his brocolli? Come on and read this tasty book. Bon appetit!!


Gross Universe book coverGross Universe: Your Guide to All Disgusting Things Under the Sun
by Jeff Szpirglas ; illustrated by Michael Cho
J 573 S
This book screams "GROSS!!"


No David! book coverNo, David!
by David Shannon
"David, don't splash too hard!" "David, don't run outside naked!" "David, don't draw on the wall!" Can this boy behave at all? Read and find out!


Animal Grossology book coverAnimal Grossology: The Science of Creatures Gross and Disgusting
by Sylvia Branzei ; illustrated by Jack Keely
J 590 B
Learn all about blood slurpers, vomit munchers, slime makers, and dookie lovers..not to mention humans, too.