Magic for Muggles



This month's featured topic for Kidzone is Magic for Muggles. You will find here lots of cool information about all kinds of magic tricks, the history of magic and how to bedazzle an audience. Magic books and websites with facts about magic are all included in this user-friendly site. So have some fun--and remember...a magician never reveals their tricks!!!!

Internet Links Need-Know-Accomplish
***Type in "Kids Magic Tricks" in the search box to learn how to bend a pencil and make beads move on a necklace. A fun site!!!
Activity village - Magic Tricks
This is a great site. Here you can learn to make money multiply and then a trick to tie and restore string. FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!
Essortment -Magic Tricks
Fun tricks!! This site will show you how to rotate your hand and make the Ace of Spades magically appear. Cowabunga, Dude!!
Magic Tricks
WOW!!! What cool tricks!! Learn the magic sugar cube trick, how to make toothpicks fly apart, and how to suspend a wand in a bottle.
ZOOM by kids for kids
Learn some fun disapppearing tricks using salt shakers and coins. Baffle your friends while waiting for dinner to be served. PRESTO!!!
Articles & Databases
Which famous magician was born in Hungary and later came to America as a young boy?; worked as a locksmith's apprentice as a youth; became famous as an escape artist, doing such stunts as jumping into the San Francisco Bay with a 75 pound ball and chain around his ankles while wearing handcuffs--swimming back to the surface unharmed; escaped from a real prison cell; escaped from strait jackets while suspended from tall buildings upside-down; and whose real name was Erich Weiss?
Print Resources
Amazing magic tricks : master level
by Norm Barnhart
Disappearing lizards!! Balancing ping-pong balls!! And the Number 1 baseball card trick--all contained in this advanced book of magic.
Card tricks
Joe Fullman
Learn all about vanishing cards and the tricky Ace of Spades in this neat book. Shuffle 'em up!!
Impossible optical illusions
Al Seckel
Amazing!!! See steps, shapes and graphs become as wacky as can be!!! Totally awesome, dude!!!
Kids make magic! : The complete guide to becoming an amazing magician
Ron Burgess ; illustrations by Marie Ferrante-Doyle and Sarah Rakitin
Learn about "Patter" and "Misdirection" as well as make your own wand. A fun book of tricks.
Magic secrets
by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames ; pictures by Arthur Dorros
A good book for the young magician in all of us!! Teaches how magic tricks are done for the younger reader.
The big book of magic fun
Ian Keable
The ultimate book on magic!!! This book has interesting information on Mind Magic, Silent Magic, and Dangerous Magic as well as many kinds of tricks to baffle your friends. Presto Chango!!
Walter Wick's optical tricks
Walter Wick
Think you have a headache now? You'll have an even bigger one after looking at this book!!! Look at triangles, buildings, and shapes and become boggled out of your mind!!!
World's greatest magic tricks
Charles Barry Townsend
Table Magic! Parlor Magic! And what magic book is not complete without a mind-over-matter trick!!! Use cards and ESP in this fun magic book.