Mysteries of the Unknown


Mysteries of the Unknown

Yeah, I know all mysteries are unknown but these are especially mysterious unknowns and unknowable mysteries.  If you work hard enough you might be able to know and solve some of them.

Internet links:

Mysteries of the UnknownStrange Matter
Discover the mysterious secrets of the things you use every day!

Mysteries of the Unknown I Spy Online Games
You've got to be sharp eyed if you want to uncover mysteries of the unknown!

NASA’s Space Place
There are plenty to of mysteries both out of this world and on it!  Find activities, games and discover fun facts about the Earth you live on and the universe around it.

Mysteries of the UnknownCool Math Games
Math is full of mystery and the unknown, but it needs all the help it can get to be cool.  These games help...a lot!  

Mysteries of the UnknownSammy Keyes Casebook
Are you up to the Sammy Keyes challenge?  You have access to all the clues that the great detective herself does, but can you solve the case?

Mysteries of the UnknownChris Van Allsburg
Chris Van Allsburg is a master of mystery and the unknown.  Explore his somewhat outdated but still cool website, and if the website isn't enough for you come to the library and find some of his never outdated books.


Primary Search
If you want to know how your team will do this baseball season use the search terms BASEBALL PREDICTION and you can see how accurate your predictions are at the end of the season.  You get to use terms no one else will know like “Pythagorean Winning Expectation” too!

Print Resources:

Amazing Magic Tricks book coverAmazing magic tricks : beginner level
by Norm Barnhart
J 793.8 B
Begin with the basic tricks of the magic trade in this book and work your way through the other three volumes in this series to become a master level magician!

The Book of Why book coverThe Book Of-- Why?
J 500 B
Astonish friends and family with these reasons for things you the things that happen all around you without your knowing why…until know. 


The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets book cover The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets
It’s bad enough having two genius brothers who want to send you to boarding school, but having to escape from their traps and solve a mystery for them without getting caught is too much for Sherlock Holmes little sister …NOT!

Creepy Carrots book cover Creepy Carrots!
Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched?  Jasper Rabbit has that feeling and he’s sure that it’s the carrots!  Read this book and find out if he escapes their carrot-y clutches!  

Forensics book cover Forensics
J 363.25 P
Crime scenes are full of mystery and the unknown.  Discover how Forensic Scientists use many tools to uncover these mysteries and foil the criminals who try to hide from them.

Nate the Great and the Hungry Book Club book cover Nate the Great and the Hungry Book Club
Nate is the coolest young detective around and in this case he solves two mysteries and eats some delicious pancakes.

The New Girl book cover The New Girl
Sometimes even the author doesn’t know how a book will end.  You make the decisions and decide how this book of friendship and the new girl at school will end.

This is not My Hat book cover This Is Not My Hat
This hat looks perfect on little fish, but it’s not his.  Will big fish find out?  Should little fish take what’s not his?  How will this story end?  Read it and find out!

The Unknowns book cover The Unknowns - A Mystery
Meet the kids of Adjacent who take on the power plant that’s plotting against them and their town.  It’s an adventure mystery both wildly exciting and mathematically interesting!  No lie!

Who could that be at this hour book cover Who Could That Be at This Hour?
It’s Lemony Snicket’s new series!  Asking why you should read it is the wrong question; you should be asking: how can I get this hilarious and mysterious book as soon as possible?