Recycle and Rhyme

Recycle & Rhyme

Recyle and Rhymes : group of kids around a blue recycle binApril 22 is Earth Day, and the whole month of April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate the first full month of springtime with a happy earth and some lively rhymes.

Internet Links
Children of the Earth United
Here you can watch animated videos and play games about recycling, rainforests and energy conservation. And you can send in your pictures of animals, forests and the earth to be displyed in the site's "Eco-Gallery."
EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
"EEK" stands for "Environmental Education for Kids" in this website run by the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources. Identify bugs, animals and plants, play brain teaser games, and win a prize if you can answer this month's "Riddler" question.
Giggle Poetry
Get a laugh from funny poems about school lunches, teachers and principals at the Giggle Poetry website. You can also learn how to write a limerick, and you can find out about various poetry contests for kids around the country.
Kids For Saving Earth
This website was started as a club by a kid named Clint Hill. Now it has 7,000 members! You can take a trip to the forest, explore the world of water, and learn about and draw "precious species" animals.
Poetry for Kids
Children's poet Kenn Nesbitt has created this fun website, which has funny poems, lessons on how to write your own poems, and the Deep Sea Word Search game.
Poetry Matters
You've probably heard about the RIF program at the library, and this website is run by the national RIF organization. Try some poetry activities. Free Rhyming Dictionary
Here's a free rhyming dictionary. Just type in a word, click on "find rhymes" or "find similar sounding words" and the dictionary will give you some words that you can use to write your own poem.
Poetry: Writing With Writers
The Scholastic Publishing Company runs this website, where you learn about poetry writing from famous poets, watch and hear Jack Prelutsky reading his poems, read poems by students in your grade and submit you own poems to be posted on the site.
Recycle City
This site is created by the Environmental Protection Agency, and it shows you how "Dumptown" was turned into "Recycle City." Play the Dumptown game where you get to be in charge of making the city clean and green.
Recycling and Paper Arts and Crafts for Kids
Recycle, not as an afterthought, but as a way of life. Check out the importance of recycling and have fun with recycled paper crafts from making your own recycled sheet of paper to paper bowls, greeting cards and toys.
The Greensquad
At "Greensquad," you can learn how to make your school healthier for you and the environment. Take a tour of a virtual school and see the possible environmental problems and how to solve them.
Articles & Databases
See if you can find an article called "Poets Write Poems!" in which you will find five poems by different famous poets, including a funny one called "Amanda Ate an Orange." To find the article, go to the "Primary Search" database, which has articles from 50 different popular elementary school magazines.
Print Resources
A child's calendar : poems
by John Updike ; illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman
John Updike is a famous writer of books for adults, but here he's written twelve poems for kids about one year in the life of a child in New England, with pretty illustations by Trina Schart Hyman showing the changes in the season and the weather.
A poke in the I
selected by Paul Janeczko, illustrated by Chris Raschka.
This book has thirty "concrete poems" for you to read and to look at. A concrete poems is arranged on the page in a strange or funny way that has something to do with what the poem is about. A poem about a giraffe, for example, is shaped just like a ... guess what?
Come and play : children of our world having fun : poems
by children ; edited by Ayana Lowe ; pictures from Magnum Photos
For this book, students at Hunter College Elementary School in Manhattan looked at pictures of kids playing and wrote a poem to go with each picture. The pictures were taken in faraway countries like China and Morocco and Wales, and in states in our own country, like Texas and Alaska and New York.
Hands-on projects about saving the earth's resources
Krista West
This book shows you how to create eight different projects that will help conserve the earth's resources, including starting a compost pile, setting up a recycling center and making a windmill.
Poetry matters : writing a poem from the inside out
Ralph Fletcher
This book shows kids ages 8 and up how to write poetry. The author Ralph Fletcher says he hopes his book will help you find "lots of ways to make your poems shine, sing, soar."
Reducing and recycling waste
Carol Inskipp
See what causes pollution, and learn how we can reduce pollution by buying less stuff, reusing and recycling. There's a chapter about what happens to our trash now, and there are more chaters showing how we can recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass to reduce the amount of trash on planet earth.
The 20th century children's poetry treasury
selected by Jack Prelutsky ; illustrated by Meilo So
This book has more than 200 poems for kids by lots of famous poets, including Nikki Grimes, Karla Kuskin and Ted Hughes. You're sure to find something you like in here. Jack Prelutsky, who selected all the poems, is famous for his own funny poetry for kids.
Trash action : a fresh look at garbage
Ann Love & Jane Drake ; illustrated by Mark Thurman
This book shows us how humans have messed up the environment over the centuries, and how we can make things better by recycling our waste and preserving our natural resources.
Why should I recycle?
written by Jen Green ; illustrated by Mike Gordon
Mr. Jones is a teacher who separates his trash so that the recyclable stuff can be made into new products. He takes his class to a recycling plant so they can see how recycling works.