Scary Screaming Fun


Where can you go to meet Goblins, Ghosts and Ghouls? Check out these books and websites for some spooky and creative fun.

Internet Links
The Pumpkin Patch
Come and visit the pumpkin patch to learn about various types of pumpkins, some new jokes, recipes or explore further for costume ideas and games.
DLTK Bat Crafts
Feel a little bit batty, come and enjoy doing a bat related craft, and explore some interesting bat facts
Learn the history of pumpkin carving, how to choose your pumpkin and how to carve it using either your own design or by following the link to free stencils for some advanced ideas.
Homemade Halloween Costumes
Are you tired of wearing the same costume as everyone else? Come and learn how to make your own costume using clothes and materials you can find in your house.
Family Health - Halloween Safety
Read how SAFE HALLOWEEN spells out safety tips for you to follow for a fun and safe time on Halloween.

American Folklore - Kids Halloween Stories
Come and enjoy some Halloween stories, jokes and tongue twisters.
Articles & Databases
Have you ever wondered about the history of Halloween. Come and explore the Encyclopaedia Britannica by putting Halloween in the search box and see articles that are all related to this topic.
Print Resources

The story of the Jack O'Lantern book jacketThe Story of the Jack O'Lantern
by Katherine Tegen ; illustrated by Brandon Dorman
On Halloween night, Jack--a stingy and mean man--makes a deal with the devil for a free dinner, only to regret his choice many years later when the devil comes to collect.

Who's haunting the White House? : the president's mansion and the ghosts who live there book jacketWho's Haunting the White House? : the President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There
written by Jeff Belanger ; illustrated by Rick Powell
J 133.1297 B
Explores the world inside the White House, where presidents, first ladies, and staff have seen darting shadows and ghostly apparitions that have been attributed to be such former inhabitants as Andrew Jackson, Abigail Adams, and Abraham Lincoln.

Dangerous pumpkins book jacketDangerous Pumpkins
Emily Jenkins ; illustrations by Harry Bliss
Halloween brings out the worst in fourth-grader Henry Wolowitz and his invisible, squash-eating friend Inkling, as Henry tries to go trick-or-treating while keeping Inkling from eating all the jack-o-lanterns.


Last laughs : animal epitaphs book jacketLast Laughs : Animal Epitaphs
J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins
J 818 L
Offers morbidly-humorous, pun-filled, illustrated epitaphs for animals that poetically describe how they met their ends.

Halloween forest book jacketHalloween Forest
by Marion Dane Bauer ; illustrated by John Shelley
When a young boy goes out to trick-or-treat on Halloween, he encounters a spooky forest full of bones.


Frankenstein book jacketFrankenstein
stories & pictures by Ludworst Bemonster ; [text by Rick Walton ; illustrations by Nathan Hale]
Frankenstein is the scariest of all the monsters in Miss Devel's castle until one night when he loses his head.


Just say boo! book jacketJust Say Boo!
Susan Hood ; illustrated by Jed Henry
Timid young trick-or-treaters learn to overcome their fears on a spooky Halloween night by shouting "boo!" at skeletons, ghosts, and a trio of dinosaurs.

The scary places map book : seven terrifying tours book jacketThe Scary Places Map Book : Seven Terrifying Tours
B.G. Hennessy ; [illustrated by] Erwin Madrid
J 133.12 H
Take a tour of seven spooky places, among them the Wicked Woods, a Ghostly Galleon, and the Western Terror-tories. Along the way, avoid booby traps, search for hidden objects, and learn basic map reading skills! A map key, items to look for, and points of interest, such as Dracula's Castle and Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, are included for each eerie region.

Pigmares : porcine poems of the silver screen book jacketPigmares : Porcine Poems of the Silver Screen
Doug Cushman
J 811.6 C
Presents a collection of illustrated poems in which pigs take on the starring roles in classic horror film adaptations.


Spooky creature riddles book jacketSpooky Creature Riddles
Janet Nuzum Myers ; illustrated by Bob Ostrom
J 818.6020 M
Presents riddles about different Halloween creatures, including mummies, bats, goblins, vampires, werewolves, and witches.

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