Science Experiments


Books, web sites and databases to help you with your science fair projects and experiments!

Internet Links
Students, teachers and parents can check here for project ideas and helpful information about science fair projects.
Science Fair Central
Need help completing your science fair project? This site gives you a detailed "how-to" guide, lots of project ideas, links to sites for scientific research, plus guides for teachers and parents, and a project timeline to help you finish on time!
Science Fair Resource Guide
A helpful guide to completing your science fair project, from coming with a great idea, to writing the final report and making your presentation.
Science Page
Interested in scientific research? Check here for lots of links to sites about biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, plus science fair information.
Articles & Databases
Your one-stop science shop! Search this electronic database for science projects, fun science games and activities, science in the news, biographies of scientists and science information by subject.
Print Resources
Janice VanCleave's Help! My Science Project Is Due Tomorrow! : Easy Experiments You Can Do Overnight
VanCleave, Janice
Fun and easy science project ideas from a wide variety of scientific areas, including biology, physics, earth science, and astronomy.
Science Fair Projects: Planning, Presenting, Succeeding
Gardner, Robert
A step-by-step guide to science fair projects, from selecting a good idea, to understanding and using the scientific method, to exhibiting your project.
Scientific American Great Science Fair Projects
Rossner, Marc
Dozens of fascinating activities from the well-known science magazine make this a great source of ideas for science fun or research!