Toys Alive


You voted for it in February and here it is in May: Toys Alive!

Internet Links
Barbie: Fun & Games
Barbie is all about the game and it shows on her website. There are lots of games and other activies here for Barbie fans. The Toy Shop
Race the cuckoo clock and follow the diagram to make a toy from history. Once you finish the toy you get some history about the toy (it is after all) and then go to the next level.
Invention Playhouse
Sure you can play with toys someone else thought up, but what about thinking up your own? The Invention Playhouse helps you to exercise those skills you will need to be a famous toy inventor, or any other kind of inventor.
Lego Games: Time to Build
Follow the map and accomplish your mission. The more missions you finish the bigger your Lego City will grow and the tougher your next mission will be.
Toy Museum of New York
It's a museum about toys and it's in Brooklyn! Even better, you can stop by the Bay Ridge branch of the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library to see exhibits for free!
ZOOM: Toy-O-Rama
Lots of cool ideas for toys you can make yourself like Jaegi, a game that is played in "The Kite Fighters" book mentioned below and a High Bouncy Ball.
Articles & Databases
How do toys really come alive? One way they seem to come alive is in 3D movies. With Toy Story 3 coming out in 3D it's an excellent time to find out how 3D movies work. Go to Primary Search, and type "3d movies" in the search box. You'll find a bunch of articles that explain how 3D works. You can make your list even better by checking the full text box on the right to get rid of articles that you can't read online.
Print Resources
Anna Banana : 101 jump-rope rhymes
compiled by Joanna Cole ; illustrated by Alan Tiegreen.
It's not just jumping rope you know. There are rhymes for actions and predictions and all of the other different things you can do with a rope and some friends. They even sneak in a little history at the beginning, but you can skip that if you want (get it? skip).
Jack and the box
by Art Spiegelman
Jack gets a present. It's a box! Who-hoo!! It's not a Jack-in-the-box but a Zack in the box. Does that make a difference?? You bet it does! Read this cartoon strip story and find out how different a toy can be.
Pet robots
created and written by Scott Christian Sava ; art by Diego Jourdan & Villagran Studios ; colors by Frank Villarreal ; edits by Amy Betz & Justin Eisinger
What's cooler than a field trip to a toy factory? How about getting lost and activating some top secret robots that end up following you home! What's cooler than that? You'll have to read this cool graphic novel and find out.
Robot Zot!
Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by David Shannon
Robot Zot lands on earth and decimates the Earth armies that stand before him. Toaster, blender, TV...all blown to bits! But then he sees a toy cell phone and feels something he never thought he'd feel. To eascape with his queen he needs to face Earth's mighties foe. Can he do it?? Read and discover.
The dollhouse murders
Betty Ren Wright
Amy wants to get away from taking care of her sister Luann so she jumps at the chance to stay with her Aunt Clare. She discovers that there is something strange about the dollhouse in Aunt Clare's attic and about her own family history! With the help of her sister, the dollhouse and some courage can she solve the mystery of the dollhouse murders?
The kite fighters
by Linda Sue Park ; decorations by Eung Won Park.
Young-sup is tired of his older brother Kee-sup getting to do everything he wants. When the King wants Young-sup to represent him in the New Years kite fighting competition he feels it is his time to shine. But to bring honor to his family and the king he will have to beat the two time champion.
The meanest doll in the world
by Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin ; pictures by Brian Selznick
Tiffany and Annabelle became friends in the first book in this series, The Doll People. Now they must face Princess Mimi who is determined to become queen of all dollkind. It's toy against toy in this fun book.
Toys go out : being the adventures of a knowledgeable Stingray, a toughy little Buffalo, and someone called Plastic
Emily Jenkins ; illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
The short stories in this book are about three friends: Lumphy the Buffalo, StingRay and Plastic and their adventures in and out of the house. You find out that toys, and other things, lead more interesting lives than you thought when you read this book.
Toys! : amazing stories behind some great inventions
Don Wulffson ; with illustrations by Laurie Keller
Toy stories, not the movie, but the history of toys is even better than the movie! From sneezing powder to Mr. Potato Head, toys have some amazing stories. Find out why you wouldn't want to ride a seesaw in ancient Rome (believe me you wouldn't!) and other incredible facts.
Traction Man meets Turbodog
by Mini Grey
Traction Man's faithful friend Scrubbing Brush goes missing after their adventures on Mt. Compost Heap. Cool new electronic Turbodog comes to try and save the day, but Traction Man wants his old friend back. Will Traction Man get his friend back? Can they escape from the bin creatures?? What's with Turbodog anyway??? Open this exciting Traction man advanture and find out.
You're on your way, Teddy Roosevelt
Judith St. George ; illustrated by Matt Faulkner
Wait a minute! He's not a toy he's a president! That's true, but one of the most famous toys around is named after this president. This book doesn't talk about the teddy bear, but it does talk about a boy who started out as an underdog and became president of the United States.