Wild, Weird, Science



Do you observe things? Every wonder why the sun rises and sets, or why the leaves change color?

Well...wonder no more!!! On this month's website you'll be able to gaze at stars, learn about the human body and how to conduct a first-class science experiment.

You'll find out about great books and websites that will help you become a super cool scientist.

So...enjoy Wild, Weird Science...


Internet Links
BJ Pinchbeck
All different kinds of science topics are on this site. Check out the insects and weather sections--very cool.
Fact Monster
General science concepts, with interesting links such as "136 Major Figures in the History of Chemistry." Checkout carnivorous plants--aaahhh!!!
Homework Spot
Various science topics with great sites for dinosaurs!!!!
Internet Public Library
Amusement park physics--free fall, pendulum, roller coasters, bumper cars, and carousels--learn the "method behind the madness???"
Learn about energy and how to conserve it, beaches and how to protect them, and the history of flight. An environment-friendly site.
Whale Times
"Postcards from the Deep" are interesting on this cool site about whales, seals, penguins, sea stars and all things underwater.
On this site you can learn about computer science, NASA, time and clocks.