Winter Carnival


Look out your window. The snow is falling. Wow! It's time for a winter carnival. Use your imagination and follow these links to websites and books that share the delight and wonder of winter.

Internet Links
Interactive Weather Maker
Not snowy enough for you? Control the temperature and humidity and create your own snow flurries or even a blizzard.
Create a virtual snowflake. Send your finished product to a friend or add it to the snowflake gallery.
Online Winter Games
On those days when it is absolutely too cold to go outside, this website is packed with online winter games and activities: Take the "Big Air Challenge" and learn if you have what it takes to be a champion snowboarder. Have a digital snowball fight. Practice online ice-skating techniques.
No two are alike. This website has everything you ever wanted to know about snowflakes and snow crystals. View beautiful photographs and trace how the patterns emerge as the crystals grow. Check out the kids' page for more activities with snowflakes.
Snowtastic Snow
Did you know that you can make a snow painting? Find out how at Snowtastic Snow. You can also find fun winter jokes, puzzles, and mazes. Find information about snow, ice, winter sports, the ice age, glaciers, icebergs, avalanches, and much more about the science of snow.
Print Resources
Babymouse : skater girl. Vol. 7
by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm
Ice hockey and snowmouse building are fun, but for Babymouse there's nothing like ice-skating. Will she be able to give up sleep, cupcakes, and afterschool fun with her friends to win the ice-skating championship trophy?
Diamond Willow
Helen Frost
12 year-old Willow lives in a remote area in Alaska. She wants to prove that she is grown up. When her favorite sled dog, Roxy, is injured in an accident, Willow will break all the rules to protect Roxy. Through their snowy adventures, Willow and Roxy will realize there is a greater bond that binds them.
Cynthia Rylant ; illustrated by Lauren Stringer
A celebration of snow in all its forms and the many ways that we can enjoy it.
Snow trucking!
by Jon Scieszka ; artwork created by the Design Garage: David Gordon, Loren Long, David Shannon.
It's a snow day in Trucktown. See what kind of fun the trucks can have with snow.
The Giver
Lois Lowry
Imagine if you had never experienced snow. 12 year-old Jonas takes on the role of the community's receiver of memories. The first memory he is given is racing down a snow-covered hill on a red sled. Will he keep his new knowledge of snow hidden from his family and friends or will he disrupt the community's utopian balance to reveal the wonderful excitement of snow?
This Place in the Snow
Rebecca Bond
What would you do with a giant mound of snow? The children in this book create an imaginative kingdom of tunnels, passageways and little nooks.
Urso Brunov and the White Emperor
Brian Jacques ; illustrated by Alexi Natchev
"Fear not for I am Urso Brunov." He may be small, but Urso Brunov has the courage to get through most anything. Will he pack enough punch to cross the winter flatlands and frozen sea to return the young polar bears to The Land of Rainbow Lights?