Family and Children

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CASA-NYC is located on 50 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10004. Phone: (212) 334-4010. CASA-NYC has taken on an important role in the courts systems by communicating between the criminal and family courts. The two court systems often do not understand the proceedings, protocol and expectations the other has placed on an individual and their families. CASA- NYC members are the voice for those individuals to help ensure the family's issues are attended to in a timely and orderly manner.
Children of Promise
Children of Promise, NYC is located at 600 Lafayette, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11216. Phone (718) 483-9290. Email: Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) is an organization located in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The organization's mission is to "provide children of prisoners with the guidance, support and the opportunities necessary to effectively develop leadership skills, form positive social relationships and enhance academic performance." Their unique service includes bus service to upstate prisons for family members. The buses are staffed with Social Workers who can provide support for children and family members after visiting loved ones.
exalt is located at 150 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Phone: (718) 923-1400. exalt is an organization that is dedicated to helping youth by involving them in internships, education and the creation of their own career goals. Upon joining, exalt staff guides the youth through steps to better equip them with education and skills for employment, while becoming productive members in society. The organization has an alternative to incarceration (ATI), detention and reentry service programs, each tailored to the needs of the adjudicated youth. exalt orientates the youth in cycles where they will be invlolved in pre-intership training, an internship and then post internship seminar and session. When finished exalt continues regular contact with the youth , understanding that long term support will be most beneficial to help ensure the individual's success.
Family Justice
Family Justice is located at 625 Broadway, Eighth Floor, New York, NY 100152. Phone: (212)475-1500. Family Justice provides family-centered substance abuse treatment services through La Bodega de la Familia, including alternatives to incarceration, family case management, counseling, reentry support and referrals.
Hour Children
Hour Children is located at 36-11A 12th Street, Long Island City , NY 11106. Phone: (718) 433-4724. Hour Children supports currently and formerly incarcerated women through prison and community based programs, including supportive housing, toddler daycare, employment assistance, counseling and community outreach.
Osborne Association
Osborne Association is located at 175 remsen Street, Eight Floor, Brooklyn NY 11201. Phone: (718)637-6560. Osborne Association offers programs on adopting healthy lifestyles, reconnecting families, achieving economic independence and more. Also get referrals for medical services and housing, and find programs for children and ex-offenders.
Providence House
Providence House is located at 703 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221. Phone: (718) 455-0197. Providence House provides temporary housing for women on parole and their children, and includes referrals for housing, education, job training and other programs. Must have a referral from Department of Housing Services.