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Based on the Book
out if your favorite book is also a movie in this book-to-movie directory.

Cirque du Freak Movie Message Board
Chat with other Cirque du Freak fans about the upcoming movie!
Comic Book Movies
Get all the details on the latest film adaptation of your favorite comic book, and find out stuff like the "Top 10 Best Comic Book Movie Fight Scenes."
Films Made in New York
See the NYC locations where films including Raging Bull, Serpico and Spider-Man were filmed!
How to Write a Teen Horror Screenplay
Ever thought you could have written Scream? Read this guide and give it a shot!
Movie Locations in NYC
Skip the tour bus and take your own tour of NYC! Click on the movie and see photos and descriptions of where in the Big Apple the movie was filmed.

Boys R Us: A Clique Novel
Lisi Harrison
While you're checking out the latest Clique novel, be sure to look for the DVD adaptation.

Neil Gaiman
This creepy tale of a girl's quest to find her missing parents has been adapted into a movie, a graphic novel and a musical.
Filmmaking For Teens : Pulling Off Your Shorts
Troy Lanier
Covers everything from coming up an idea to writing a screenplay to promoting your finished film.
My Sister's Keeper
Jodi Picoult
Kate was conceived as a bone marrow match for her sister, who suffers from leukemia. How much of her life is hers, and how much is her sister's? The movie of this book has a different the book and compare!
Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story
Williams Shakespeare; Arthur Laurents
The movie musical West Side Story was based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This book combines the two for your convenience!