Celebrity gossip is fun, but when does it become an invasion of privacy?

Internet Links
American Civil Liberties Union: Privacy
The ACLU defends consumer privacy, online privacy, and more - take a look at their privacy page.
Do Celebrities Deserve Some Level of Privacy?
Do celebrities deserve privacy, or do gossip and paparazzi come with the territory? Read these opinions, and see what you think.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
This research center defends online privacy - check out their page on Facebook.
Gawker Stalker
NYC celebrity sightings have been helpfully (or creepily) mapped out for you!
New York Post: Page Six
You can't keep up with celebrity gossip without keeping up with Page Six.
How to protect your privacy and be safe, online and on the phone.
So You Wanna...Audition for American Idol?
All the steps, from taking singing lessons to making it to Hollywood!
The Smoking Gun
Collects public documents, many about celebrities, and all shocking or hilarious.
Print Resources
Audrey, Wait!
Robin Benway
Eight hours after Audrey breaks up with her boyfriend, he writes a song about her. Soon after that, "Audrey, Wait!" becomes a worldwide hit, and Audrey is famous overnight. Can she deal with her newfound, and mostly unwanted, fame?
Celebrity Skin
Liane Bonin
Taylor used to be on the "D" list in middle school. Now that she's famous, will she still be Erin's best friend?
Gossip Girl
Cecily Von Ziegesar
The mysterious Gossip Girl makes everyone at Constance Billard a celebrity.
Skip Beat!
Yoshiki Nakamura
Kyoko supported Sho when he moved to Tokyo to become a famous singer, and now that he's famous, he's ditched her!
So Super Starry
Rose Wilkins
Octavia's parents are famous, all the kids at her elite school have famous parents, and she detests it.