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Internet Links
Boing Boing: Gadgets
Little Brother author Cory Doctorow contributes to this blog about gadgets and other pop culture news.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Read up on the civil liberties issues behind electronic privacy.
Geared towards females, Geek Sugar is the all-things-tech part of a larger online community. Create a profile, read and post news stories, and enjoy interacting with female techgeeks around the globe!
Gizmodo: 10 Gadgets for Winter Fun
Don't leave for a snowball fight without your snowballer tool and snowball gun!
Get daily tech tips and tricks from this blog - includes info on digital photography, podcasts and cool new websites.
With tons of info about cutting edge tech products and issues, this is "news for nerds, stuff that matters."
TechRadar will tell you about the coolest new tech toys, explaining how they work and why you should care.
Print Resources

Hacker Cracker : A Journey from the Mean Streets of Brooklyn to the Frontiers of Cyberspace
Ejovi Nuwere
Nuwere grew up in Bed-Stuy, and escaped the violence of the streets through his love of computers. Find out how he became one of the world's top hackers!

Career Ideas for Teens in Information Technology
Diane Lindsey Reeves
Like computers? Consider some of the careers suggested here, like webmaster, computer forensics expert, and computer game designer.
M.T. Anderson
In the future, television and computers feed directly into people's brains, telling them what to think, and what to buy. What would life be like off the feed?
Little Brother
Cory Doctorow
Teen hacker Marcus decides to use his skills to set things right in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.
Pattern Recognition
William Gibson
William Gibson coined the term "cyberspace," and his books deal with the deal with the unexpected problems of new technology. Check out this book, in which an investigator's computer is hacked, and other titles such as Neuromancer and Count Zero.
The Specialists: Down to the Wire
Shannon Greenland
The adventures of GiGi, a sixteen-year old computer genius, and his fellow prodigies.