Money Matters


Find out how to save and make money.

Internet Links
10 Ways to Go Green and Save Money
Buy used, make your own coffee, ride a bike or walk - all strategies to save the environment and save money!
A Million Bucks by 30
Alan Corey, millionaire and Brooklynite, tells you how to make a million dollars by age 30.
Don't Get Ripped Off!
Tips for teens on avoiding identity theft.
Financial Literacy
Play financial-themed games online, like the "Road Trip to Savings," in which you "steer your way to financial stability."
It All Adds Up
Lots of online games to teach you money smarts and keep you entertained.
Playing Monopoly Online
Finesse your money smarts by playing Monopoly online.
Teen Money Central
Links and advice for teens on how to make, save, and responsibly spend money.
The Imagination Factory's Trash Matcher
Have trash? Imagination Factory will match your trash to a neat art project. Save cash and the earth!
Thousands of Jobs in Great Places
Cool Works will help teens find a seasonal job or career in some of the greatest places on Earth, like one of the U.S.'s awesome national parks.
Print Resources
1000 Best Smart Money Secrets For Students
Debby Fowles
Save money for college with tips about financial aid, student loans, even saving money on laundry.
Creating Your High School Resume : A Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing an Effective Resume for Jobs College and Training Programs
Kathryn K. Troutman
Create a resume to use not only when job searching, but when applying for college, asking people for recommendations, and applying for scholarships.
High School Money Book
Don Silver
Learn how to manage money for including shopping, paying for college, saving, and investing.
Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens : The Secrets about Money That You Don't Learn in School
Robert Kiyosaki
Find out your financial IQ, as well as ways to make more money.
Street Wise : A Guide for Teen Investors
Janet Bamford
Practical advice on the stock market and investment clubs as well as interviews with teens who have invested.