NYC HS Application Process

Timeline and Tips

6th and 7th grades should be the time to prepare and explore the various high school options.

7th grade report cards and test scores are very important. It is crucial that the student does well on his or her tests. Note to parents: Keep track of your teen’s test scores, absences, and latenesses at ARIS Parent Link.

7th graders will receive the NYC Directory of Public High Schools sometime in June.

Summer workshops begin early July. Two sessions are provided:

  • General – Where do I start?
  • Specialized High Schools

Note to parents: If you missed or are unable to attend the July workshops check out “Making Choices.” It’s a video series from previous workshops.

Types of High Schools

The SHSAT is open to all 8th and 9th graders. It’s given at the end of October for 8th graders and the beginning of November for 9th graders. It is highly recommended that students talk to their guidance counselors about taking the test.

Other high schools, such as Townsend Harris High School, do not require the SHSAT but are still highly ranked.

There are also alternatives to high school, with Referral Centers for High School Alternatives located in every borough. 

Important Dates 2013-2014 (see also the High School Admissions Calendar):

Summer Workshops Early July
Citywide High School Fair September 28 & 29
Borough High School Fairs October 19 & 20
Specialized High School Test October 26 & 27 (8th grade only)
Specialized High School Test November 2 (9th grade and all students with special needs)
Make-up Test November 17 (with permission only)
High School Application Deadline December 2 (round 1)
High School Application Deadline Spring 2014 (round 2)

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