Only In Your Dreams


What do your dreams mean? Find out!

Internet Links
Dream Dictionary
Find out the meaning of what you've been dreaming! This site offers a full list of dream symbols. You can search for specific keywords or just browse through using the alphabet.
Dream Doctor
Meet the Dream Doctor, your personal dream interpreter. Complete with a dream dictionary, library of dreams and advice for modifying bad dreams.
Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary
Read about common dreams, and look up dreams by theme.
How Dreams Work
Scientists and health professionals are have been learning some amazing things about how and why we have dreams. Get the facts and theories from this series of articles all about dreaming.
Myjellbean Dream Dictionary is a teen girl's BFF on the Web! The ultimate Teen site for everything teen girls want. Fresh daily horoscopes, chat boards, beauty and more. Browse the Myjellybean Dream Dictionary by letter to learn the meanings of many common dream symbols.
SmartGirl Dream Dictionary
A less comprehensive version of a dream dictionary, but also includes other fun stuff such as a Fortune Teller, Crush Barometer, Smartscopes and more.
The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary
Did you have a Premonition, Rehearsal, or Toxic dream? Find out here.
Print Resources
Gary Paulsen
In this coming–of-age-tale, a young Eskimo boy, Russel Suskitt takes a dog team and sled to escape the modern world and to the ’song’ of his life. As he travels across the harsh, icy landscape, Russel is haunted along the way by a dream of a long-ago self whose adventures parallel his own.
Down a Dark Hall
Lois Duncan
There's more to Kit's boarding school than she realizes.
Elizabeth Knox
Only dreamhunters can access the dreams of others. Laura is training to be one when her father goes missing.
Lois Lowry
Littlest One learns how to give dreams to humans and must also learn to protect them from the Sinisteeds who are determined to plague their victims with nightmares.
Kelly Creagh
Cheerleader Isobel is swept into goth Varen's frightening dreams.
Teen Dream Power : Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams
M.J. Abadie
Learn how to improve your dream recall, interpret dreams using a dream symbol dictionary, handle nightmares, and increase your creativity.
The Dream Merchant
Isabel Hoving
Josh is trapped in a place between dreams and reality called "umaya."
The Girls' Guide to Dreams
Kristi Collier-Thompson
Discover how decoding dreams is an empowering first-step towards making life's stresses easier to cope with.
The Secret to Lying
Todd Mitchell
James' dreams of hunting demons spill over into his real life and threaten the image he's created at his new school.
Lisa McMann
Janie has been drawn into other people's dreams since she was a child.
What If . . . All Your Dreams Came True
Liz Ruckdeschel and Sara James
In this newest "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, readers help determine sixteen-year old Haley's fate as she comes to the end of her junior year. Should she follow up on her budding interest in photography, or should she spend her summer partying with the popular kids? It's up to the reader to decide!