Internet Links
Controversial Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans Are Fake
Funny fake news item from the Onion.
Obsessed with Wrestling
Lots of forums to participate in, and embedded youtube videos to watch.
Get the latest wrestling headlines, and participate in a fantasy wrestling game.
United States Girls' Wrestling Association
Includes a discussion board for female wrestlers and coaches.
Wrestling Forum
Join the over 170,000 members of this online forum.
Lots of wrestling news, as well as wrestler bios.
YouTube: WWE Fan Nation
Check out the official WWE Fan Nation YouTube channel.
Print Resources

Are We There Yet? : Tales from the Never-Ending Travels of WWE Superstars
Robert Caprio
796.81209 C
Hear stories of life on the road from Booker T., Undertaker, Michael Cole, Al Snow, and Rey Mysterio, and other wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Lion's Tale : Around the World in Spandex
Chris Jericho
Wrestler Chris Jericho has written a funny, sometimes crude account of his wrestling bouts all over the world.
Triple H : Making the Game
Triple H with Robert Caprio
Try out this strength-training program designed by wrestler Triple H.
Wrestling Strength : The Competitive Edge
Matt Brzycki
Want to be a wrestler yourself? Find out how.