First 5 Years

Fun Activities for Toddlers

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, rabbit dressed as a human mother with apron baking with a hamster dressed as a human toddler

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Time to Eat!

Give your toddler a small pot or bowl and a spoon so he or she can prepare dinner alongside you. Talk about what you are making and encourage him or her to do the same.

Sock It to Me

Roll socks into balls and show your toddler how to toss them into an empty basket; soon he or she will follow your lead. Or sit on the floor and toss or roll them to each other. You can also set up empty plastic bottles to knock down with the balls.

Walk the Line

Use masking tape, string or chalk to mark a path for you and your toddler to follow. Add a curving path or music for more fun! Once he or she understands how to follow the line, you can make it more interesting by jumping, hopping or crawling.

BPL - FFY, Read, Play, Grow!, hamster dressed as human toddler in PJ drawing and coloring

Rubbing Art

Place small flat items—leaves, flat toys, yarn or shapes cut out of cardboard—on a flat surface. Tape a piece of paper on top of these items and rub a crayon over it, showing how the image of what’s underneath appears. Write your toddler’s name on the paper, saying each letter aloud. Do not use small items that could pose a choking hazard.

Cereal Box Blocks

Use empty cardboard cereal boxes or other boxes as blocks by taping the flaps closed. Line them up like dominoes to knock down, build a tower or make a train of boxes. You can also talk about the pictures, colors or letters on the boxes.

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Illustrations © copyright 2004 by Kathy Parkinson from When I Miss You by Cornelia Maude Spelman. Reproduced by permission of Albert Whitman & Company