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Fantastic Fall!

BPL - FFY, Fantastic Fall!, colorful falling autumn leaves

Stories, songs and rhymes to enjoy in the fall! 


Book Jacket: Autumn WalkReady for Autumn
by Marthe Jocelyn; ISBN: 9780887768613
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Rhyme: "Apple Tree"
Away up high in the apple tree, (lift baby up high)
I saw a little apple smiling at me.  
I jiggled, and tickled, the trunk of the tree (dance baby in the air)
And down came the apple (bring baby down)
For you and me! give baby a hug and a kiss


Book Jacket: The busy little squirrelThe Busy Little Squirrel
by Nancy Tafuri
ISBN: 0689873417
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Rhyme: "Fall Winds"
Fall winds begin to blow. (rock your body from side to side)
Colored leaves fall fast and slow. (flutter fingers up and down in the air)
Twirling, whirling all around (turn around, arms out at sides)
Till at last, they touch the ground. (let hands fall to ground)


Book Jacket: LeavesLeaves
by David Ezra Stein
ISBN: 9780399246364
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Song: "The Turkey Strut"
(To hear the tune of this song, go to
You put your right wing in, (put your right arm to the center & out again)
You put your right wing out  
You put your right wing in,  
And you shake it all about. (right arm to the center and shake)
You do the turkey strut, and you turn yourself around, (strut like a turkey, head bobbing around in a circle)
That's what it's all about!  
You put your left wing in... (left arm to center or the circle)
You put your drumstick in... (leg to the center of the circle)
You put your stuffing in... (stick your tummy into the center of the circle)
You put your tail feathers in... (backside into the center of the circle!)
You put your turkey body in... (whole self)