First 5 Years

It's Spring Time!

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This month's rhymes, songs and picture books welcome spring.



Book Jacket: Baby loves spring! : a Karen Katz lift-the-flap bookBaby loves spring!: a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book
by Karen Katz
ISBN: 1442427450
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Rhyme: "Rain"
Rain on the green grass, (tickle baby’s feet)
Rain on the tree, (tickle baby’s tummy)
Rain on the house top, (tickle baby’s head)
But not on me! (hug baby)


Book Jacket: Poppleton in springPoppleton in spring
by Cynthia Rylant; illustrated by Mark Teague
ISBN: 0545078679
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Rhyme: "Sleepy Caterpillar"
"Let's go to sleep", (clasp hands by head like you’re sleeping)
The caterpillars said, (wiggle fingers)
As they tucked themselves into their cocoon beds. (fold fingers into a fist)
They will awaken by and by,  
And each one will be (open closed hand, one finger at a time)
A lovely butterfly!  


Book Jacket: Who's awake in springtime?Who's awake in springtime?
by Phillis Gershator
ISBN: 0805063900
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Rhyme: "Planting Flowers"
First you take the seed (pretend to pick up a seed with fingers)
And you plant it in the ground. (pretend to "plant" it in your other hand (open))
Next a rain cloud comes (roll up hand with "seed")
And waters all around. (use fingers of other hand to shower "rain")
Next the sun shines brightly, (keep "seed" hand rolled up)
Without a sound, (move other hand over "seed" hand, like sun’s rays)
And in just a few days (open "seed" hand up like a flower)
A flower is found!