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Mother Goose!

BPL - FFY, Songs and Rhymes: What's So Special About Mother Goose?Everyone likes Mother Goose! Children like Mother Goose because the rhymes are fun and easy to learn. Educators & parents like Mother Goose because those same rhymes help children develop phonemic awareness skills that they will need to become good readers.


Book Jacket: Arnold Lobel's Mother Goose For Babies
Arnold Lobel's Mother Goose
by Arnold Lobel; illustrated by Arnold Lobel
ISBN: 9780375829048
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Rhyme: "Ride A Cock Horse"
Ride a cock horse (bounce child on knees)
To Branbury Cross (bounce child on knees)
To see a fine lady  
Upon a white horse  
Ringers on her Fingers (Kiss child's hand one at a time)
And bells on her toes (blow kisses to child's feet)
She shall have music wherever she goes. (give knee one final bounce)
My Very First Mother Goose
My Very First Mother Goose
by Iona Opie; illustrated by Rosemary Wells
ISBN: 9781564026200
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Rhyme: "Hickory Dickory Dock"  
Hickory, dickory, dock,  
The mouse ran up the clock (walk up the child's arm with your first two fingers)
The clock struck one (give child a nose kiss)
And down he run  
Hickory, dickory, dock (run fingers back down again).


Book Jacket: Dan Yaccarino's Mother Goose
Dan Yaccarino's Mother Goose
by Author; illustrated by Illustrator
ISBN: 9780763613488
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Rhyme: "Five Little Fishies"
To see a video of this rhyme:
Five Little Fishies  
Swimming in the pool. (make swimming motions)
The first one said,  
The pool is cool. (hug yourself as if you're freezing)
The second one said,  
The pool is deep. (point down deep)
The third one said,  
I'd like to sleep. (pretend to go to sleep)
The fourth one said,  
Let's swim and dip. (make swimming and diving motions)
The fifth one said,  
I see a ship. (look out to see)
The fisherman's line went  
Splish, splish, splash (clap hands)
(fast) and away the five (hold up five fingers)
Little fishies dash! (make swimming motions)
Book Jacket:This little piggy : lap songs, finger plays, clapping games, and pantomime rhymes
This little piggy : lap songs, finger plays, clapping games, and pantomime rhymes
by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Will Hillenbrand; Musical Arrangements by Adam Stemple
ISBN: 9780763613488
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Fingerplay: "Two Little Blackbirds"
Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill-- (Rest two fingers on top of your left hand)
One named Jack, (Hold up one finger)
The other named Jill (Hold up two fingers)
Fly away,Jack, (Lay hands one on top of the other and make a flying motion)
Fly away, Jill. (Repeat)
Come back, Jack, (Motion for the bird to come back)
Come back, Jill. (Motion for the bird to come back)


Book Jacket: Mother Goose and Friends
Mother Goose and Friends
Selected by Ruth Sanderson; illustrated by Ruth Sanderson
ISBN: 0316777188
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Action Song: "I'm A Little Teapot"
I'm a little teapot  
Short and stout (sit then stand up straight)
Here is my handle (place your left hand on your hip for a handle)
Here is my spout (extend your right arm--bent at the wrist and elbow--upward for the spout
When I get all steamed up (steamed up means excited, so look excited)
Hear me shout,  
"Just tip me over and pour me out." (Bend over at the waist toward the extended arm, as if pouring tea out)

Video: "Hey Diddle Diddle"


Book Jacket: Mother Goose: Numbers on the Loose
Mother Goose: Numbers on the Loose
by Leo Dillon; illustrated by Diane Dillon
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Rhyme: "Little Miss Muffet"
Little Miss Muffet (Smile and put hands up on face to show how happy you are)
Sat on her tuffet, (Sit down)
Eating her curds and whey; (Pretend to eat)
Along came a spider, (Run fingers across your other arm--like a spider
Who sat down beside her (Sit down)
And frightened Miss Muffet away. (Wave hands and run around scared)