First 5 Years

Rhymes and Stories for Young Children in Chinese and English


Gung Hay Fat Choy! Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these books and rhymes.



Book Jacket: Where's the Baby?
Where's the Baby? (Text in Traditional Chinese)
by Cheryl Christian, photographs by Laura Dwight
ISBN: 9781932065626
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"两只老虎" / "Two Tigers"
两只老虎, 两只老虎, Two tigers, two tigers,
跑得快, 跑得快, They run fast, they run fast.
一只没有眼睛, One has no eyes,
一只没有尾巴, One has no tail,
真奇怪, 真奇怪. How strange, how strange.



Book Jacket: Milet Mini Picture Dictionary
Milet Mini Picture Dictionary (In English and Chinese)
by Sedat Turhan, illustrations by Sally Hagin
ISBN: 1840593717
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"小兔子乖乖" / "A Cute Bunny"
小兔子乖乖, 把门儿开开, The hungry wolf says:
快点儿开开, 我要进来. "Please open the door, I want to come in!"
不开不开我不开, The cute bunny says:
妈妈没回来, 谁来也不开. "No, I can't open the door,Because Mommy's not in."
小兔子乖乖, 把门儿开开, Mommy bunny says:
快点儿开开, 我要进来. "Please open the door, I want to come in!"
就开就开我就开, Her bunny says:
妈妈回来了, 快点把门开. "Yes, Mommy's back, You can come right in."


Book Jacket: No Image Available for book Pi sa
Pi sa (Text in Chinese and English)
by Jan Pienkowski
ISBN: 9572041142
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"找朋友" / "Calling a Friend"
找啊找啊找朋友, Calling a friend, Calling a friend,
找到一个好朋友. I found a friend, I found a friend,
敬个礼, 握握手, Salute your friend and shake hands,
你是我的好朋友, 好朋友. You are my good, good friend.