First 5 Years

Summertime fun continues!

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Enjoy the sunny days of summer with these stories, songs and rhymes.



Book Jacket: BabycakesBabycakes
by Wilson, Karma; illustrated by Sam Williams
ISBN: 1416902899(board)
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Rhyme: "Two Little Eyes"
Two little eyes to look around, point to baby's eyes
Two little ears to hear each sound, point to baby's ears
One little nose to smell what’s sweet, point to baby's nose
And one little mouth that likes to eat! point to baby's mouth


Book Jacket: A starfish: a shapes bookA starfish: a shapes book
by Teckentrup, Britta
ISBN: 9781906250003
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Rhyme: "The Little Turtle"
There was a little turtle, make a fist
He lived in a box make a square with your fingers
He swam in a puddle, swim with your hands
He climbed on the rocks. climb with your hands
He snapped at a mosquito, "snap!" or clap palms together
He snapped at a flea, "snap!" or clap palms together
He snapped at a minnow, "snap!" or clap palms together
And he snapped at me. "snap!" or clap palms together
He caught the mosquito, close fingers into a fist
He caught the flea, close fingers into a fist
He caught the minnow, close fingers into a fist
But he didn't catch ME! throw hands up in the air!


Book Jacket: The stray dogThe stray dog
retold and illustrated by Simont, Marc; from a true story by Reiko Sassa
ISBN: 0064436691
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Rhyme: "Lady Bugs"
I saw a little lady bug flying in the air, "fly" with one hand
But when I tried to catch her, two bugs were there. hold up two fingers
Two little lady bugs flew up in a tree. hold up two fingers
I tiptoed very quietly, and then I saw three. hold up three fingers
Three little lady bugs--I looked for one more. hold up three fingers
I saw one sitting on the ground, that made four. hold up four fingers
Four little lady bugs--another one arrived. hold up four fingers
She was sitting on a flower, and that made five. hold up three fingers
Five little lady bugs, all red and black-- hold up five fingers
I clapped my hands and shouted, clap hands
and they all flew back! "fly" with both hands