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Book Jacket: I Love Trains!
I Love Trains!
by Sturges, Philemon
ISBN: 0060837748
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Rhyme: "Choo-Choo Train"
Here's a little choo-choo train (pick up baby)
Chugging down the track (move baby's arms gently in a "clugging" motion)
Now it's going forward (hold baby, lean forward)
Now it's going back (hold baby, lean back)
Now the whistle blows (blow gently on baby's check)
Whooooo, Whooooooo  
What a lot of noise it makes...  
Everywhere it goes (tickle baby's arms and legs)
The train comes running back  


Book Jacket: Engine On the Track
Freight Train
by Crews, Donald
ISBN: 0688129404
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Rhymes: "Engine On the Track"
Here is the engine on the track (hold up thumb)
Here is the coal car, just in back (hold up pointer finger)
Here is the box car to carry freight (hold up middle finger)
Here is the mail car - don't be late (hold up ring finger)
And way back here, at the end of the train (hold up little finger)
Rides the caboose through the sun (hold index fingers and thumbs overhead to form "the sun")
And the rain! (make it "rain" with your fingers)


Book Jacket: Trains
by Gibbons, Gail
ISBN: 0823406997
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Rhyme: "Down By the Station"
(Note: Do this song standing up. Moving arms like the wheels of a train, children can walk in a line or a circle, like a "train".)
Down by the station (point away from self)
Early in the morning (raise hands over head like the sun coming up)
See the little pufferbellies (move arms at side like the wheels of a train)
All in a row (spread arms wide)
See the station master (point to self)
Turn the little handle (pretend to turn a handle)
Puff, puff, (put hands by cheeks to "puff" out)
Toot, toot (pretend to pull on a chain or string)
Off we go! (move arms at side like the wheels if a train)