Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to attend a Pre-GED or ESOL class at Brooklyn Public Library. What do I do?

You must attend registration in person to enroll in a class. For more information, get a flyer at your local library or visit our Pre-GED and ESOL Class Registration page. Registrations are offered four times per year.

What happens at a registration?

You take a test at registration to know what class is the best for you. You sign up for classes or receive referrals. No documentation is required. Bring a pen.

Can I choose my class location?

You can attend registration at any class location regardless of the class you want to attend. Class locations are determined at registration based on your level and the classes available. Try to attend the earliest registration date possible. Classes fill up quickly!

I want to attend the class, but the registration dates have passed.

Our registrations are in September, January, April and July. Please check the website or pick up a flier at your local library for a full listing of registration locations, dates and times. For more information about free adult education classes in Brooklyn see the Adult Education Classes Guide (PDF).

I want to take the GED exam. Should I attend pre-GED?

We recommend that you attend a registration as a first step. At the registration, you will receive information about the GED and classes throughout Brooklyn.

What is an ESOL class?

ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) classes help you learn and practice English. The Library offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. In BPL ESOL classes, you practice listening, speaking, reading and writing English for everyday needs.

What is a Pre-GED class?

Pre-GED classes offer a foundation of reading, writing and problem solving skills. These FREE classes are for adults 17 years and older. Classes focus on reading, writing and mathematics.

What is a Young Adult Pre-GED class?

BACK ON TRACK Young Adult Literacy Program is a pre-GED and job-readinesss program for young adults between the ages of 17 and 24 years old who are out of school and are seeking work. You must attend a Pre-GED registration to enroll. Full-time, technology-rich classes are offered at the New Lots Library and Bedford Learning Center. Travel and social support is available. All BPL Pre-GED participants must be officially discharged from school.

I am 16-21 years old and out of school. What are my options?

Students still enrolled in school should contact their school guidance counselor. All students under 21 years old have the right to receive services from the Department of Education.

There are many free programs specifically for young people who are under-credited and/or over-age. For more information about other ways to graduate and GED classes please visit the Department of Education's Other Ways to Graduate Page. You can also try contacting the Marcy Avenue Referral Center for High School Alternatives at 718.636.5700 or the District 79 Office of Student Support Services at 917.521.3639.

For information about your rights and support in finding appropriate services, visit The Advocates for Children of New York website or call their educational helpline at 1.866.427.6033.