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Open city : a novel book jacket Open city : a novel
by Teju Cole
ISBN: 1400068096
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Feeling adrift after ending a relationship, Julius, a young Nigerian doctor living in New York, takes long walks through the city while listening to the stories of fellow immigrants until a shattering truth is revealed.


A person of interest : a novel book jacket A person of interest : a novel
by Susan Choi
ISBN: 0670018465
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Wrongfully implicated when a mail bomb claims the life of a beloved computer scientist, math professor Lee receives a threatening letter that compels him to confront key events in his life, an exercise that inadvertently renders him all the more suspicious


Last last chance book jacket Last last chance
by Fiona Maazel
ISBN: 0374183856
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Last Last Chance, Fiona Maazel’s first novel, is one of the most distinctive debuts of recent years: a rollicking comic tale about (in no particular order) plague, narcotics, recovery, and reincarnation. A lethal strain of virus vanishes from a lab in Washington, D.C., unleashing an epidemic—and the world thinks Lucy Clark’s dead father is to blame. The plague may be the least of Lucy’s problems...

Half a life book jacket Half a life
by Darin Strauss
ISBN: 9781934781708
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Half a life after he killed a girl riding her bike with his car as a teenager, the author delves into the meaning and consequences of that fateful day, and all the culpability, anguish, and regret that continue to penetrate his every thought.


The false friend : a novel book jacket The false friend : a novel
by Myla Goldberg
ISBN: 0385527217
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Twenty years after her best friend and rival Djuna disappears under circumstances Celia has only recently remembered, Celia unconsciously sabotages a relationship and returns to her hometown to confess her role in what happened. By the best-selling author of Bee Season.


The unnamed : a novel book jacket The unnamed : a novel
by Joshua Ferris
ISBN: 0316034010
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Tim Farnsworth is a handsome, healthy man, aging with the grace of a matinee idol. His wife Jane still loves him, and for all its quiet trials, their marriage is still stronger than most. Then one day he stands up and walks out. And keeps walking.


The beautiful things that heaven bears book jacket The beautiful things that heaven bears
by Author
ISBN: 9781594489402
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Seventeen years after fleeing the Ethiopian revolution to America, Sepha Stephanos runs a grocery store in a poor African-American neighborhood in Washington, D.C., where he witnesses a series of racially charged incidents and bitterly reflects on his past and the differences between his actual prospects and the life he imagined. A first novel.


The invention of everything else book jacket The invention of everything else
by Samantha Hunt
ISBN: 061880112X
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Brought together by a mutual fascination with pigeons, Louisa, a young chambermaid at the Hotel New Yorker, forms an unlikely friendship with the hotel's most famous resident, eccentric and pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla, during his final days.